30 Best Widow’s Peak Hairstyles For Men 2018

Finding the best widow’s peak hairstyles for men can be frustrating. A widow’s peak is simply a hairline with a v-shape in the front, above the forehead. If you have a widow’s peak, it’s genetic and you better learn to either hide it or work with it. But there are two types of hairstyles for a widow’s peak – long styles that hide the receding hairline, such as a fringe, quiff and brush up, and short haircuts that blend into it, such as a high fade or shape up on the sides combined with a buzz cut, comb over, and slick back on top. The difficulty comes in choosing widow’s peak haircuts that are a good balance because, if your widow’s peak is too deep and you have thin hair, a long hairstyle just looks like a bad attempt at covering it up.

Below, we’ve compiled the top hairstyles for men with a widows peak. Whether you have short or long hair, want a fade or undercut on the sides, or decide to highlight or cover up your hairline, these awesome cuts and styles will have you looking stylish and classy.

How To Cut A Widow’s Peak

How you ask your barber to cut your widow’s peak hair all depends on the type of hairstyle you are trying to achieve. For short hair that will allow you to style a buzz cut or crew cut on top, you’ll want a high bald fade or disconnected undercut on the sides. Similarly, you can always get a shaved widows peak. These very short hairstyles will decrease contrast and subtly taper into your receding hairline.

On the flip side, medium and long hairstyles with a widow’s peak are versatile and trendy. To start, you’ll need at least 3 to 4 inches of length on top. And while guys will still need to ask for a skin fade or shaved sides, a longer hair widow’s peak can be slicked back, combed over, parted, or styled any way. If your hair is long enough, we highly recommend you slick it back for a sexy, classic hairstyle.

While there is no way to get rid of a widow’s peak without shaving your head, there are ways to minimize the contrast and deal with your V-shaped hairline. Ultimately, these modern haircuts will give you the confidence you need to feel and look good again!

How To Style Widow’s Peak Hair

Styling your widow’s peak hairstyle is all about using good hair products and making an effort. Men with thick hair can pick any good pomade, wax, clay or cream, depending on the hold and shine they want. Furthermore, thick hair offers the versatility of styling a neat or messy look with a brush or comb.

However, guys with thin hair will want to use hair wax or clay and style a tousled hairstyle for a thicker, fuller look. Finally, if you pair curly hair with a widow’s peak, you’ll need to apply a strong styling product to control your style and keep it in place all day.

Best Haircuts For A Widow’s Peak

For guys struggling to get a cool style, here are the most popular widow’s peak hairstyles.

Widow's Peak Hairstyles - Slick Back

Hairstyles For Widow's Peak - Brush Up

Widow's Peak Hair - Fringe Hairstyle

Widow's Peak Haircut - Crew Cut

Best Hairstyles For Widow's Peak

Widow's Peak - Brush Up

Widow's Peak Hairstyles For Men - Slick Back

Widow's Peak Long Hairstyles

Men's Hairstyles For Widow's Peak - Slick Back

Hairstyles For Men with Widow's Peak

Hairstyles For Widow's Peak - Textured Crop

Widow's Peak Haircuts For Men

Widow's Peak Haircut - Long Comb Over

Widow's Peak - Undercut Hairstyle

Widow's Peak Hairstyles For Men - Angular Fringe

Widow's Peak Hairstyles - Side Swept

Widow's Peak Hairstyles - Textured Slick Back

30 Best Widow’s Peak Hairstyles For Men 2018

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